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Klogging starts with no configuration and will not send any log events. You configure Klogging using either:

You can also override some configuration by setting Environment variables.

How Klogging loads configuration

Klogging first searches for file-based configuration, when it is first needed. The patterns are:

File onlyRead from file when the first logger is declared.
DSL onlySet when the DSL code is executed.
File and DSLRead from file immediately before the DSL code is read. DSL configuration replaces file configuration unless it begins with loggingConfiguration(append = true).

How Klogging finds configuration files

Klogging follows these steps for finding configuration files:

  1. If the environment variable KLOGGING_CONFIG_PATH is set, look for a file at that absolute path. Load the contents if found.
  2. If the environment variable is not set or the specified file is not found, search the classpath: for klogging.json and load the contents if found; otherwise for klogging.conf and load the contents if found.

Once a JSON or HOCON file has been found, it is read.