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Environment variables

Klogging’s behaviour can be modified by setting certain environment variables in the runtime.

KLOGGING_MIN_LOG_LEVELMinimum level at which Klogging’s internal logger emits log messages. Acceptable values are TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR and FATAL.INFO
KLOGGING_MIN_DIRECT_LOG_LEVELMinimum level at which log events are sent directly to sinks instead of via coroutine channels. Acceptable values are TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR and FATAL.WARN
KLOGGING_CONFIG_PATHAbsolute path to a JSON or HOCON configuration file.(none)
KLOGGING_CONFIG_JSON_PATH ⚠️Absolute path to a JSON configuration file.(none)
KLOGGING_OUTPUT_FORMAT_sink-nameOverride the output format for a sink. For example, setting KLOGGING_OUTPUT_FORMAT_STDOUT=CLEF will change the output format for the stdout sink to CLEF.(none)
ENV_KLOGGING_EVENT_CHANNEL_CAPACITYBuffer capacity of the coroutine channel used for events.100
ENV_KLOGGING_SINK_CHANNEL_CAPACITYBuffer capacity of the coroutine channel used for each sink.100
ENV_KLOGGING_BATCH_MAX_TIME_MSMaximum time in milliseconds between sending batches of events to sinks.10
ENV_KLOGGING_BATCH_MAX_SIZEMaximum batch size of events that are sent to sinks.100
ENV_KLOGGING_FF_EXECUTOR_THREAD_POOL(JVM) Feature flag: if present and true then Klogging uses a coroutine dispatcher with a separate, fixed-size thread pool. This is an experimental feature.10
ENV_KLOGGING_COROUTINE_THREADS(JVM) Number of threads to use in the pool for Klogging coroutines if ENV_KLOGGING_FF_EXECUTOR_THREAD_POOL evaluates true.(none)

KLOGGING_CONFIG_JSON_PATH is deprecated and will be replaced by KLOGGING_CONFIG_PATH for both JSON and HOCON configuration files.