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From other coroutine contexts

Klogging can include information from other coroutine context elements.

As an example, if your application is using Project Reactor, you can store information in a Reactor context and wrap that in a coroutine ReactorContext. This example Spring configuration copies selected items from ReactorContext into the Klogging context, so they are included in log events:

package com.example.config

import io.klogging.context.Context
import kotlinx.coroutines.reactor.ReactorContext
import org.springframework.context.annotation.Configuration

const val correlationKey = "correlationId"
const val tracingKey = "tracingId"
const val spanKey = "spanId"

class CopyReactorToKloggingContext {
init {
val copyContextItems: (ReactorContext) -> EventItems = { reactorContext ->
buildMap {
listOf(correlationKey, tracingKey, spanKey).forEach { key ->
if (reactorContext.context.hasKey(key))
put(key, reactorContext.context[key])
Context.addContextItemExtractor(ReactorContext, copyContextItems)