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Internal logger

Klogging has an internal logger that emits string messages to the console. Its purpose is for diagnostics on Klogging itself.


Klogging uses its internal logger in these ways:

LevelTypical use
TRACEDetailed tracing of log events through Klogging
DEBUGLifecycle events of Klogging components
INFOKlogging has read configuration from DSL or file
WARNThere was an error interpreting some configuration

Minimum logging level

The internal logger has a minimum level from which it will emit log messages, set by the ‘global’ variable kloggingMinLogLevel.

  • The level is INFO by default.

  • It can be changed by the environment variable KLOGGING_MIN_LOG_LEVEL

Logging output

The code constructs log events, renders them as string messages using a specific renderer and sends them to the console.

  • If the logging level is INFO or lower, they are sent to the standard output stream.
  • If the logging level is WARN or higher, they are sent to the standard error stream. Some shells will show these messages in a different colour (e.g. red).